How often do you ship ?

We ship Monday-Saturday, we would Sunday but the post office is closed :/ If order is placed before 3pm Central Time, we gotcha and will ship same day.


Which service do you use to ship (USPS, Fed Ex or UPS) ?

Unfortunately we don’t have a private helicopter to directly hand you your item but we do have the next Best Thing ! The United States Postal Service ! 🙂 We ship orders First Class if order weighs less than 1lb (usually up to 3 blu rays) and Media Mail if more than 1 lb ( 4 or more movies or Complete Tv Series)


How long does it take for a package to arrive ?

Priority Mail usually takes 2-3 Days. First Class usually takes 3-4 Business Days, Media Mail usually takes 4-7 Business Days.

*For the Small chance there is a delay that we have no control over, it may take a few extra days but we will keep up with tracking and contact USPS if necessary*


Do your “Opened” or “Like New” movies include Digital ?

On 90% of “Like New” Items, movies include their digital unless otherwise noted.


Are the Digitals that come with a 4k in 4k quality ?

Most 4ks include a Digital (Unless Noted) but doesn’t mean the digital is 4k, 40% of the 4ks’ Digitals have Standard Digitals but there are lists online you can check on to be sure.


How do you ship Retro Collectible Games ?

We Ship as carefully as possible with plenty of Bubble wrap to protect your item 🙂