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Share all the majesty and enchantment of the ultimate fairy tale, SLEEPING BEAUTY. In this classic legend, jealous fairy Maleficent curses the kingdom’s beloved princess Aurora and sends her into a deep sleep. The curse is cast…the magic is real… and one kiss will change everything!|In the original story, Princess Aurora sleeps for 100 years before being awakened by a prince’s kiss. In the Disney version, Prince Philip comes to her rescue much sooner.|George Brun’s orchestral score, which was nominated for an Academy Award®, expertly blended famous themes from Tchaikovsky’s ballet.|With a budget that exceeded $6 million in 1959, this was Walt Disney’s most lavish and expensive animated feature to date.|Determined to make the characters as realistic as possible, Disney had a live action film shot with actors posing as Sleeping Beauty, the Prince, and Maleficent, for the animators to use.|New York Times critic Bosley Crowther called the fight between Prince Philip and Maleficent “the noisiest and scariest go-round he [Disney] has ever put into one of his films.”